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The hair transplantation method, which is used as the most valid method today and applied in our hospital, is the FUE method.

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    Treatment Process

    In order to determine the causes of hair loss, a consultation (foresight) should be made with a specialist doctor. There are 3 (three) different treatment methods that can be followed adhering to this interview.

    Consultation Process

    In the consultation with our doctor, 4 topics will be agreed upon; assurance, correct evaluation, consultancy and monitoring.

    Drug Therapy

    There are two separate medications approved by the US Food and Drug Regulation (FDA) that are determined to be effective in 80% of men with hair loss. Finasteride and Minoxidil.

    Hair Transplant

    Hair transplantation is a permanent treatment for patients who are determined to be suitable for hair transplantation. The transplanted hair ensures that it is permanent in people who do not have stress and have regular nutrition and sleep.

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